Heart of the Hide vs Honor the Game

Marucci HTG vs Rawlings HOH

If you are looking for the equivalent glove for Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide in a Marucci version then the Marucci Honor the Game line is your ticket. Like the HOH Rawlings gloves, the HTG gloves from Marucci use a quality steerhide on for the outershell and inner lining. The HOH come in a number of sizes and patterns the HTG does not. But, for the HTG models that are produced, expect a similar experience to that of the Rawlings Heart of the Hide.

Marucci HTG vs Rawlings HOH

Marucci HTG vs Rawlings HOH Construction

There are a three technical differences between the HOH and the HTG. Mainly, Rawlings uses a special lacing on their gloves that they have made at their own Tennessee Tannery. As well, Rawlings also tans their leather to replicate hat of deerhide. Deerhide, if you don’t know, is known to be remarkably soft and durable. Note, too, some HOH gloves from Rawlings also come with an additional thumb pad, that Marucci HTG does not.

Honor The Game vs Heart of the Hide Sources

We referred to a number of sources to put together this article. You may find them helpful too. We spent good time on closeoutbats section of the Heart of the Hide Gloves. We also re-read our Heart of the Hide Glove Review. There we found lots of good information on the number of gloves, patterns and construction options. We also spent time on our Marucci HTG glove review section.

HTG vs HOH Pattern Options

Marucci HTG vs Rawlings HOH

Where Rawlings really outshines the HTG from Marucci, and any glove model line for that matter, is the number of patterns they offer. The HTG Marucci gloves come in all of 7 different sizes. Granted, those 7 are the most popular lengths and their accompanying patterns.

But, consider this, Rawling’s Heart of the Hide, by our last count, had no less than 25 different style options. Rawling’s not only makes gloves in every length imaginable but each of those gloves comes with an option for a glove pattern or tow, or three. To say nothing of the near endless color options Rawlings provides as stock models from the Heart of the Hide.

If you throw in the custom options on the Rawlings’ site, which Marucci has yet to do, then your Heart of the Hide options are nearly endless.

HTG vs HOH Recommendations

Marucci HTG vs Rawlings HOHMarucci HTG vs Rawlings HOH

In terms of popularity, the HOH Rawlings gloves are far and away the most popular glove on the market. And, obviously, much more popular than the Marucci HTG set of gloves. So, if popularity is something you like to follow or avoid then that may be our recommendation enough.

In terms of functionality, the only real reason we could recommend the Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove line is if they have a specific web pattern and glove length you would prefer. Then, obviously, the HOH is the right right for you.

But, if you are looking for a common pattern and size that is also found in the Marucci HTG glove, we see no reason to have a preference. Both gloves are top notch stuff, chosen by MLB players and, once worked in, will serve you well. They price out exactly the same (see HOH pricing here and HTG pricing here).