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Marucci HTG vs Rawlings HOH

Heart of the Hide vs Honor the Game

If you are looking for the equivalent glove for Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide in a Marucci version then the Marucci Honor the Game line is your ticket. Like the HOH Rawlings gloves, the HTG gloves from Marucci use a quality steerhide on for the outershell and inner lining. The HOH come in a number […]

Wilson A2000 vs Rawlings HOH | Head to Head Recommendations

Wilson A2000 vs Rawlings Heart of the hide

The two most popular premier gloves on the market are the Wilson A2000 and the Rawlings Heart of the Hide. Often, final glove investments come to down to these two beauties. The gloves come in a number of similar patterns, price out exactly the same and have the brand recognition other glove lines could only […]

Wilson Custom Glove Reviews | Up Close and Personal

Wilson Glove Reviews

To add to JustBatReview’s Custom DeMarini Bat Review done a few months back and our Franklin Custom Made batting gloves we thought it appropriate to also add a couple paragraphs and insight about Wilson’s custom made baseball and fast-pitch gloves. As of this writing, you can customize something like 46 different A2000 gloves or 18 different […]

Wilson World Baseball Classic Gloves Designs | Mexico, USA, 1786

Wilson World Baseball Classic Gloves

The World Baseball Classic, an international professional baseball tournament with teams representing different countries, will be held for the fourth time, this coming March. providing coverage this year is a big plus. Another plus: the WBC teaming up with Wilson to deliver custom A2000 1786 gloves for most of the teams. We cover the Wilson World Baseball Classic […]

The Difference Between the A2k and A2000 Baseball Gloves

2017 Wilson A2000 Superskin Review

The A2000 and A2K are the two top flight gloves made by Wilson. In the major leagues, they are the most popular gloves—although others are gaining steam too. The A2K and the A2000 are more similar then they are different. They do, after all, come in many of the same patterns and made in the […]

Batting Glove Brands | Baseball, Softball, Adult, Youth & Women Sizes

Batting Glove Brands

There are at least twelve batting glove brands producing more than one line of batting gloves. These make up over a hundred lines of batting gloves in roughly a thousand total different designs. Our batting glove review section keeps track of each brand and their lines, but below highlights the twelve batting glove brands.

What Batting Glove To Get | The Difference in Grips

Batting Glove Reviews

We have spent more than a hundred hours dissecting the differences in batting gloves. Six major differentiating features can define every batting glove on the market. Below we define each category. Use this information with our Batting Glove Brand and our Batting Gloves Review Page to narrow down your options.