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Nokona S200 Alpha Select Reviews

As one of the most popular gloves on the planet, the S200 Alpha Select from Nokona holds a special place in our heart. The buffalo skin premium level youth glove is easily worked in, comes with super soft leather and is built for a small hand. We think it the best youth baseball glove on the market today despite much testing.

Alpha Select S200 Ratings Card

97 %

We have spent several hours using the S200 in game. We have also spent several more hours reading online reviews and speaking with other players about the glove. Throw in the conversations we have had with major manufactures and the actual producer of the glove and we start to have a general feel for the gloves rating sectors.

99 %
98 %
100 %

Based on the 5 criteria here, the S200 grades out as our favorite youth baseball glove on the planet. Craftmanship, comfort and durability are top shelf features. User ratings are a solid 95%. the piece that keeps this glove from being perfect is the price. But, with premium buffalo hide and fantastic threading the price point is understandable.

90 %
95 %
User Ratings

Alpha Select S200 Recommendations

The only caveat in our full fledged recommendation on the S200 Alpha Select is the gloves price point. We have never seen this glove anything less than $240. And, as the best selling premium youth baseball glove on the market we don't expect it the price to drop anytime soon.

Recommended For

  • Multi Position Player
  • Want Top Quality Leather Glove
  • Are willing to afford it
  • Youth sized hands (sub 12 year old)

Hesitate If

  • Don't want to afford it
  • Need an I or H-web for Middle Infield
  • Have adult sized hands
  • Want flashy colors

If you find yourself in the youth glove market and would like the best the industry has to offer we have full confdience you'll love the S200. It is an easy break in, will be ready after just a few times of a catch, and you can expect top quality performance.

We would love to see the S200 in an I-Web pattern. The Pro T laced pattern it comes in now is a useful multi-positional design. But, if we could choose, we would like a shallower pocket for a middle infield player. But, few younger kids have specialized that much to not find the Alpha Select S200 useful.

Where to buy the Alpha Select Nokona S200?

A number of outlets carry the glove, but we like for this one. Based on their rankings, it is the second most popular glove on the site. And, far and away, the most popular youth glove.

Alpha Select S200 Competitors

There are several competitors to the S200 Alpha Select. We consider similar gloves as those that are also full leather gloves that come with a bit of a work in and made for youth hands. In that sense of the word competitor, we offer you two other options.

Nokona S200 Review

Wilson A1k

The A1K has the advantage over the S200 Alpha Select in its numerous color options and its name brand. Many players know the A2K or the A2000 and the A1k is simply the smaller and less expensive version of those gloves.

Do note, the A1K uses a cowhide leather and, no matter how much they work the glove in before it is sold, it just does not have the same soft feel as the S200. That said, in time, the A1K's cowhide can be worked in to an ultra soft feel and a great look.

User reviews are high on the A1k and we have yet to hear from someone who has both used the A1K and did not like it. You really can't go wrong there.

See our full A1K Wilson review here.

Nokona S200 Review

Rawlings Gamer

Like the A1K, the Rawlings Gamer series has the distinct advantage of multiple color and web pattern options over the S200 Alpha Select. If, for whatever reason, you are looking for a glove that uses something different than a Pro T Web, as is found on the S200, then the Rawlings Gamer may be your ticket.

The Rawlings Gamer also uses cowhide. Not, as the Alpha Select does, buffalo hide. As such, don't expect the same soft 'out of the wrapper' feel in the Gamer as there will be in a Nokona S200 Alpha Select.

See our full Rawlings Gamer Review here.