Kris Bryant's Glove

Kris Bryant’s Glove

Kris Bryant has been a Rawlings glove guy since the day he walked into the league. He has also spent most of his time with a single model. Below we detail the Rawlings Pro 200 H-Web he uses.

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PROPRFCG - Rawlings 12.25 Inch Outfield Glove

Kris Bryant's Glove

If you are going to buy Kris Bryant's glove then expect a very traditional 3rd baseman's glove. It is a 12.25-inch Pro H-Web in a 200 pattern.

It's serial number is 200-6K. That 200 pattern, you may remember, is a traditionally shaped wide infield glove. The 6 after the 200 tells you it has the H-Web and the K after the 6 is for Kris.

Kris uses a Pro Preferred model. As we discuss in detail in our Pro Preferred Review, the PP models boast top end Kip leather and a nice Pittard's sheep leather on the inside. It is made of the best quality material you can find. And the PP line from Rawlings rivals any on the market. Many think it the best.​

You can customize this glove on Rawlings' site.

Where to Buy Kris Bryant's Glove?

Most major outlets sell Kris Bryant's Pro Preferred 200-6K. But, the only real one can be found directly on Rawlings' website. You will also find at least some success looking for his glove on eBay. At the time of this writing that was least expensive way to get one of his gloves.

What is the best type of glove for a 3rd baseman?

Hard to say there are any right answers here. But, on the whole, elite 3rd baseman tend to prefer a glove that is larger than the one they would use if they were playing short stop. Guys like David Wright and Manny Machado use a 12-inch 3rd baseman's glove. Kris Bryant uses a 12.25 inch infield 3rd baseman's glove.  The average highschool, or evenelite college 3rd baseman, are usually in the 11.75 to 12-inch range.

  • 11.75 to 12.25 inch length
  • Pro-H Web Pattern

In terms of pattern, 3rd basemen at the highest level of the sport like the pro-H web found on Kris Bryant's glove. The only elite variation we know of is the V pattern found on Machado's glove. But, they are very similar and allow for a very strong pocket that is light weight and easily maneuverable.