Wilson Glove of the Month | 2015, 2016, 2017 Custom Gloves

Since 2014, Wilson has produced a unique glove for each month. After 3 years running, that glove idea, affectionately known as the Wilson Glove of the Month, has created quite the list of winners. We add those gloves to this list that falls under our Wilson Glove Reviews.

Online store sales of the Wilson glove of the Month are difficult to find. Wilson requires these gloves are only sold via social media and other marketing tools. We think this is very smart of them. You need to find a few outlets that carry them and pay attention to them on social media. Sometimes you can find them on the secondary stores like eBay.

Below we feature each Wilson Glove of month over the years. They are a site to behold.

Wilson Glove of the Month

What Are Gloves Of the Month?

For several years, Wilson has produced a single one-off glove per month. These are limited edition custom color gloves only sold by retail outlets. Vendors are not allowed to sell these gloves online and must do it over the phone.

Where to Buy Gloves of the Month?

Some of the major vendors sell these gloves only over the phone. If you are finding a site that is allowing you to buy it online then it is likely that seller is not in good standings with Wilson. If that voids the warranty on your glove has yet to be seen. Rarely are these gloves on discounts and available. They are much in very short quantity. Occasionally, you can find some on eBay.

2017 Wilson Glove of the Month


Wilson Glove of the Month

June brings with it a BEAUTIFUL 11.75 inch H-web from Wilson. Notice the nice textured dimple leather on the back.


Wilson GOTM 2017 MAY

This glove is a 1789 Wilson glove with Superskin backing. A Beautiful A2000, and all its top notch features, to welcome in the summer.


Wilson GOTM 2017 April

April brings with it Jose Ramirez’s Game Model glove. A sweet Superskin backing on a dope A2000 glove for the Indian third baseman.


Wilson GOTM 2017 March

Wilson dropped their first slowpitch softball glove in a St. Patty’s day theme.


Wilson GOTM 2017 Feb

A multi-colored superskinned A2000? Nice work Wilson.


Wilson GOTM 2017 Jan

If you dig an 11.5 H-Web then this gold, white and Navy A2000 might be yours. Assuming you could even find it available anymore.

2016 Wilson Glove of the Month

DecemberWilson GOTM 2016 Dec

Want a Game Model glove in a glove of the month style? Well, check this December GOTM from 2016. 11.75 inch I-Web.

NovemberWilson GOTM 2016 Nov

November 2016 brought the most popular glove Wilson makes into a flashy Red/blue design. Expect this 11.5 inch 1786 with an I-Web to be a difficult fine.


Wilson GOTM 2016 Oct

October’s Glove of the Month for 2016 is an 11.75 inch I-web using the 1787 pattern. Beautiful? Dare we say yes.


September of 2016 brought with in a mainstay in the Wilson glove line. That is, the 11.5 inch Jose Altuve Game Model Glove. Flat out perfect for a middle infielder.


Mookie Betts Game model glove is a sight to behold. It was the GOTM for Wilson in August of 2016.

JulyWilson GOTM 2016 Jul

America! July 2016 GOTM looks like a fastpitch glove with that closed pocket. But, we do like.

JuneWilson GOTM 2016 Jun

The 1788 is these colors is flat money. This June 2016 GOTM from Wilson may be our favorite ever.

MayWilson GOTM 2016 May

Another custom colorway on a 1786 for Wilson’s GOTM. #Money

AprilWilson GOTM 2016 April

And, yet, another 1786 with a custom colorway for April 2016. As the most popular pattern, this is no surprise. Check, too, the sweet dark blue superskin on the back of this bad boy.

MarchWilson GOTM 2016 March

A Hanely Ramirez Throwback in March of 2016. The glove is a traditional 1787 with an I-Web.

FebruaryWilson GOTM 2016 Feb

Looking for a Rawlings glove look in a Wilson Brand glove? Try on the H-Web in a 12.25 Todd Frazier Model.


Wilson Glove of the Month

If this January 2016 GOTM looks familiar it is because the Glove is now in the full line of Wilson. This Carlos Correa game model did so well they made it a permanent stay.

2015 Wilson Glove of the Month


Wilson GOTM 2015 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like this 1786 is awesome. Nice gold, tan and red touch for the holidays. The 2015 Wilson GOTM is perfect.


Another 1786 with some Fall colors. Good work on this November GOTM from Wilson.


Wilson GOTM 2015 Oct

An 11.75 inch A2000 with a traditional single post web made in about the most bland colors you could imagine. Hard to see how this one passed the GOTM committee. Nonetheless, here it is.


2015 September GOTM Wilson

Wowza. The A2K rarely graces to the Wilson GOTM list. But, this bad boy in the orignial DATDUDE style and a ball player hologram on the backhand? Uh, #money.

AugustWilson GOTM 2015 August

11.5 inches on a H-Web looks a lot like a Jose Altuve’ glove. This A2000 is good looking.


Wilson GOTM 2015 July

A nice addition to the Wilson GOTM line. This modifield T-Web at 11.75 inches serves well as a Pitcher’s glove or possibly a middle infield guy that likes a bigger mitt. A classic look on an updated glove.


Wilson GOTM 2015 June

A cute little 1788 A2000 with some flashes of red and blue. Big fan of this flashy 11.25 inch middle infield glove.


Wilson GOTM 2015 May

No, you have not gone color blind. The colors on this glove are only in the grey-scale. And, as such, the stock pictures look like they have no color at all. Either that, or we have actually gone color blind.


Wilson GOTM 2015 April

Dual post thrid baseman’s glove in an all-blue pattern with some red trimmings? We’ll take this 2015 April Wilson Glove of the Month.


Wilson GOTM 2015 March

The traditional 1786 11.5 inch pattern with a nice superskin backing.

FebruaryWilson GOTM 2015 February

Finally some outfield love from the Wilson GOTM. A 12.5 inch modified T-Web on a black and orange glove? Done and done.

JanuaryWilson GOTM 2015 January

This is the Alex Cobb game model glove. It is a 12 inch glove made specifically for the goth players of the game.